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How To Draw Cartoon Darth Vader and coloring page

Intro: Start drawing Darth Vader with a pencil sketch. In the initial phase, do not press down too hard. Use it to sketch light, smooth contours.

Step 1: draw Darth Vader from Star Wars, start with a large oval in the center of the paper. This is the basic shape for Darth Vader's head.

Step 2: next, draw a vertical line in the middle of the head shape. Draw a horizontal line, the vertical cut in the middle. You draw one last horizontal line directly in the middle of the horizontal construction line and the bottom of the oval. These are construction lines that will help you to place Darth Vader features later on.

Step 3: Draw two lines placed between the two horizontal auxiliary lines on both sides of the vertical construction line. This rectangle is the shape of Darth Vader's "nose." Now draw a bow and arrow in his nose, at the bottom. Draw three horizontal lines in the vicinity of the tip of his nose.

Step 4: Start on the upper left corner of Darth Vader's nose, draw a C-shaped curve, ends in the third line in his nose. It looks like an oval. Draw another curve on the other side of his nose. This is Darth Vader's "eyes".

Step 5: Now Darth Vader ' s mouth. It is essentially a triangular shape without the top tip. It starts in the lower left corner of the nose and extends to the left edge of the main oval. Draw the bottom of the triangle, so it extends to the right edge of the main oval, and on the right side of the triangle back to the right corner of the nose.


Step 6: On the outside of the main oval, draw two inclined L-shape, the start and end just outside of the two horizontal construction lines. You draw a L-shape and smaller within the larger. You draw the same shape again on the right side. You extend the lines of his nose to the tip of his head. These lines of the Star Wars character helmet.

Step 7: this is the first sketch of Darth Vader from Star Wars! You have the basic Darth Vader shape, so now go in and tighten your drawing. From this point on, press harder with the pencil to darken the lines and a defined sketch.

Step 8: Darken in Darth Vader's helmet by drawing a curved line that starts where the construction of railway lines between his eyes. Draw this line so it follows the small, L-shaped, the front of his head, and at the end, just below the L-Form. You draw the same thing on the other side. Now the lines get darker in the middle part of his helmet (up his nose). You start above the curved line you drew earlier in this step and follow the outer L-shape. Connect the two lines at the ends with a slightly curved horizontal line. Finish drawing Darth Vader's helmet by darkening the top part of the main oval.

Step 9: Pull Darth Vader's nose shape by drawing another arc on the upper side of the original arc drew the bottom of his nose. Close the lower half of the nose with the upper half slightly curved, vertical lines. Darken the remaining lines on the upper half of this Star Wars character on the nose.

Step 10: pull Vader's mouth, draw two small circles at the bottom corners of his voice. Draw an outline around his mouth, combined with the nose piece. Draw 10 vertical lines in the pipe that are evenly distributed.

Step 11: Darken in the ovals that make Darth Vader in the eyes, and draw a C and a backward C on each side of the eyes. Draw these Cs to follow the shape of Vader's eyes, but you have a connection to the bottom of the eyes (instead of the shape of the eye, all the way around).

Step 12: To finish the shape of Darth Vader's head, darken the original oval to slightly below the nose. Then you connect the line at the bottom of his voice. You have to draw this part so it comes in slightly from the original oval shape. Connect the lines that you created previously, from the L-forms of the helmet with slightly curved horizontal lines.

Step 13: Draw a few lines in Darth Vader's face to show the structure of his helmet. First you draw a couple of curved vertical lines (in order to his helmet, the voice slightly inclined) from the top of the circles at the bottom of his tube. Next, you draw a series of curved horizontal lines from the nose to the slightly diagonal lines that you drew.

Step 14: This is it! You now have a nice sketch of Darth Vader from Star Wars. You can stop at this quick drawing for a rough, sketchy look or your Darth-Vader-drawing the sequel to the last step below.

Step 15: look For a more finished, inked, carefully draw over the final lines of the sketch with a pen or marker. Wait until the ink is dry, and then the pencil mark to get rid of with an eraser. You can end here, or you can go to the last step to complete your Darth Vader drawing.

Final step: For a completely finished Darth Vader drawing, you have to colo

r it. You can use pens, markers, color pencils, or colorful! Darth Vader coloring is a bit harder to, since the glare on his helmet. Color of the helmet is black, but make sure to leave some white parts for the glare. Use the image above for reference. That's it! You have now finished the drawing of Darth Vader from Star Wars.

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