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How to Make a Snow Globe? Sensory Education Activities-Preschool Activities

 The snow globe is one of the indispensable gifts of the winter season. Children are always interested in shining things. They also love to make their own snow globe and own it.

If you are wondering how to make a snow globe with your child or students at home or at school, this post might be for you. You can be sure that it will be an activity that is easier and not too time consuming than you think.There are no children who do not like to make snow globes on this winter day.

How to Make a Snow Globe?

Sensory activities are works that children love very much. I have done many sensory works with my daughter before and added to my site. Be sure to check out the topic of sensory bottles that I made last.

Snow globes or sensory bottles are great for children to watch their sparkle, and if you do these kinds of activities with plastic bottles, the risk of breaking or creating danger is eliminated.

One of my favorite things is the activities related to photographs. Because the photos of our children are the things we like the most. I will try to explain step by step how the snow globe is made. Believe it will be easy.

Ingredients for the Snow Globe

The materials you need to make your own snow globe:

A plastic or glass jar (If it has the properties you want, choose a jar with plastic or derivatives because we think of the risk of breakage)

Silicone gun or water resistant silicone adhesive (You can find this kind of adhesive in big markets or places that sell materials in IKEA, Koçtaş etc.)

2 pictures, you will decide.

Pom poms and snowman figures for ornament.

Ornaments (You will decide this too, do you want to make artificial snow or new year effects at your discretion, you can use your home decorations for this.)


Glycerin: You can also buy this from pharmacies or any store. When you shake your snow globe, it is the most important point to keep your ornaments moving longer.

Snow Globe Preparation

1. First of all, let's take our jar and picture we found. I had used my jar, which I decided to make a snow globe, for an event before. Therefore, I did not feel the need to search for a jar again. It made more sense for us because it is a plastic sphere.

2. We arrange our picture to fit into our sphere and cut the edges. We stick our photo to the base of the snow globe. It would be more accurate to do this for you because we used silicone.

3. Bring together the materials you want to put in the snow sphere as ornaments. We have added small stamps, pompoms, figures and shiny materials, you can use different materials. If you think it is not enough, you can add later.

4. After throwing the ornament ingredients into the sphere, we pour 1 teaspoon of glycerin into our bottle. It can be done without glycerin, but with glycerine you will make your ornaments move more slowly, which will be very pleasing to children.

5. Now we fill our snow globe with right water. You can leave some space at the top.

6-Now, let's come to the picture part that we attached to the cover. We waited for a while for the silicone to dry. Then we closed the lid. You can easily do this by folding a part that may be difficult to enter from the mouth of the sphere.

Yes, our snow globe is finished. Let's free our child now and play as much as he wishes. Then put it as an ornament in his room. Do not forget that there may be a leak on the lid, so close the lid tightly. If you say I will not open it again, you can stick the lid.

If you have used a glass globe or jar, do not leave your child alone while playing. It was an easy activity, I hope you liked it too. Have fun.

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