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Line Completion Pages for kids


Line studies are studies that will help your child both in the pre-school period and in the beginning stages of the school period. Line exercises help your child hold and use the pencil properly. Line exercises strengthen hand and arm muscles and strengthen these muscles. It increases attention. It disciplines your child who has been using a pencil and scribbling freely, and teaches your child to follow the rules with the rules it sets.

Many children may know the letters and numbers by heart, but they learn how to write and see these shapes, numbers and letters with line exercises.

Compared to many pre-school activities, line work makes children a little bored and tired, but the benefits for them are innumerable.

You can find hundreds of line works on our site, print them and contribute to your children's education. 

line exercise is called line
Line Study Level 1

line exercise
Line Study Level 2

Line Study Level 3

Line Study Level 2
Line Study Level 4

preschool line page
Line Study Level 5

Line Study Level 6

Nivel de estudio de línea
Line Study Level 7

This line exercise is called line drawing exercise between two lines, the children are asked to draw lines between the determined lines and not to touch the lines that define the boundaries. With this line work with a high visual feature, your children will develop their motor skills and learn to draw lines between borders by having fun without getting bored. Drawing lines between two lines is ideal for pre-school education 3rd and 4th age groups and is recommended for children of this age.
         Line studies are the beginning and basic studies of education. Everything starts with the line. In both pre-school and primary education, line work is very important and is the beginning.
         There are many line studies prepared by looking at age and class characteristics, starting from the 2 age groups of pre-school education up to the 1st grade of primary education. With these studies, children develop many features and educate themselves.


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