Coloring book pdf download Road signs-Download and print road signs coloring pages - Coloring Book

Road signs-Download and print road signs coloring pages

 Children get acquainted with the basic rules of the road in kindergarten. Each child can independently repeat and learn about it from the coloring pages "Road signs". They unobtrusively tell the child about life situations taking place on the road, thanks to the versatility and richness of the plot. They also acquaint in the process of drawing with the signs that are found on the road, vehicles.

Coloring road signs the child learns that traffic can be regulated not only by an employee of the road patrol service, but also by his main assistant-a three-eyed traffic light. At the same time, the baby and the parents will repeat once again what different traffic light colors mean, what a pedestrian crossing is needed for, etc. These coloring pages develop not only visual skills in a child, but also educate a diligent pedestrian and future driver.

Road signs

22 Traffic Rules Oarents Should Teach Their Kids

Following the traffic rules is very important for our children as well as for us adults. The fact that the concept of danger has not yet settled in children, especially in the age group of 3-6, makes the streets dangerous. For this reason, it is beneficial for mothers to teach their children basic information about traffic. Here are the basic traffic rules you should teach your children;

  1.  Always use the pedestrian crossing when crossing the road.
  2.  If there is an overpass or underpass on the road, be sure to use the crossings.
  3.  Do not be distracted while crossing the street and always look at the road.
  4.  If you're going to cross twice, don't make the mistake of crossing over. After you pass the first one, go through the next.
  5.  On roads where there are no traffic lights and pedestrians are not allowed to cross the street, use the underpass.
  6.  Do not throw yourself on the road thinking that the vehicle is far away. Although the vehicle may seem far away, it may be coming fast. Be sure to wait for the green light for pedestrians to come on.
  7.  It may be difficult to see other vehicles through parked vehicles. Stand on the side of the vehicles facing the road to have a good view of the vehicles.
  8.  Wait for the green light two steps from the side of the road. If you missed the green light when you got to the crossing, wait for the next green light to cross.
  9.  Pay attention to vehicles even if the green light is on for you.
  10.  If there is a traffic police officer at the intersection, act according to their signs.
  11.  When walking on an unpaved road, be careful with vehicles.
  12.  While walking to school, do not prefer roads with heavy vehicles.
  13.  Do not run to the road to catch the shuttle.
  14.  When getting off the service, get out of the vehicle by checking the road.
  15.  Do not stand while the vehicle is in motion, always sit in a suitable place.
  16.  Be sure to fasten your seat belt. Otherwise, your life may be in danger in case of an accident.
  17.  Do not cross the street by bicycle.
  18.  Signal with your arm while cycling.
  19.  Do not cycle around the streets.
  20.  There may be potholes, excavations and any work on the pavement, take a good look ahead as you walk.
  21.  Watch out for reversing vehicles.
  22.  On wet and icy roads, vehicles can skid and make it more difficult to stop. Be extra careful when walking around these types of roads.

    We can take precautions against accidents that may occur by paying attention to these basic traffic rules.

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