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What should I do if my child has attention deficit or hyperactivity?

Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder is a disorder that becomes prominent in preschool and school age children. It is seen in at least 1-2 children in a class of 25-30 people. Symptoms of hyperactivity:

  • They can't stand still
  • They cannot sit even though they should
  • Have difficulty playing quiet games
  • Indigenous run and climb
  • They talk a lot, often pasting the answer before the question is completed
  • They're always busy with something
  • They have trouble waiting their turn
  • They interfere and interrupt events or conversations.

Since these behaviors can be seen in most children from time to time, the help of specialists with sufficient experience and knowledge is required for diagnosis.

It is seen at a rate of 4-8% more frequently than is thought. This means that at least 1-2 children with attention deficit or hyperactivity can be seen in a class of 25-30 people. Although it has been known for a long time and hundreds of studies are published about it every year, it is a situation that has just begun to be recognized by the society.4

It was first introduced in 1845 by Dr. Although it was described by a physician named Henrich Hoffman, it did not receive the attention it deserved until another physician, Sir George F. Stil, emphasized this disorder again in 1902. However, after this date, studies investigating the characteristics, causes, course and treatments of this disorder have accelerated.

Today, it can be easily said that attention deficit or hyperactivity is a disorder that is not a direct result of the parent's upbringing, hereditary features outweigh, and that we know a lot about. Even if your child is not very active, he may have attention deficit or hyperactivity.

Symptoms of attention deficit:

  • They cannot follow directions from beginning to end.
  • Have trouble keeping their attention on work or play
  • They lose the materials they need for chores and activities at home or school
  • They don't seem to listen when you talk
  • They overlook the details
  • They appear untidy
  • Have difficulty doing tasks that require mental effort for long periods of time and avoid them
  • They are forgetful, easily distracted. For diagnosis, the child must have at least two-thirds of the symptoms in one or both of these two groups.

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