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10 Signs That Your Child Is Gifted!

 Almost every parent thinks their child is a genius. Often this is not true, but certain traits and behaviors may indicate that we are dealing with an extraordinarily intelligent child.

How can you tell if your child is a genius? Here are those 10 signs!

1. Newborn

As the newborn gains weight, their intelligence rate increases. A study published in the British Medical Journal examined more than 3,000 babies. As a result of the review, it was determined that babies born with weight had slightly higher IQs. The fact that heavier babies are better fed is thought to be the reason for their higher IQ.

2. One and two years

In the first two years of age, paying attention to and reacting to languages other than their mother tongue is also considered a giftedness. So, can you speak to your child in a different language? According to a report published in the journal Child Development, the most important thing to do to stimulate brain development in a toddler is to talk to him in different languages. It has been observed that children of parents who speak multiple languages perform better on IQ tests.

3. Three years

Height is also associated with intelligence in children. Tall kids do better on tests, according to a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research. This is stated in the report as follows: "A feature that plays a role in preschool education emerges when children turn 3 years old. Children who are taller in childhood perform better on cognitive tests".

4. Four years old

Children who can draw a realistic picture of a person at this age are likely to be more intelligent than other children. Researchers at King's College London analyzed 15,000 images made by four-year-olds and found that the children who drew the most accurate human figures performed better on IQ tests later in life.

5. Five years

Lying at an early age might not be such a bad thing. Researchers have found that children who do this at an early age are more successful later in life. A Canadian study involving 1,200 children ages 2 to 17 found that children who can lie at an early age are smarter. Experts at the University of Toronto's Child Education Institute argue that this is possible because the complex processes involved in writing a story from their minds are a good indicator of a child's IQ.

6. Six years old

Playing a musical instrument helps increase a child's emotional intelligence at this age. Researchers at the University of Vermont School of Medicine examined the brain scans of 232 healthy children ages 6 to 18. He determined that the more musical instruments a child plays, the better anxiety and emotion management skills they will have.

That Your Child Is Gifted ?

7. Seven years old

Scientists say that books read at an early age are an important contributor to higher intelligence in later years. According to a 2014 joint study by Edinburgh University and King's College London, children with above-average reading skills at age seven perform well on IQ tests.

8. Eight years

If your child at this age always sleeps late, his intelligence level may be higher than his peers. Research by the London School of Economics shows that intelligent adults make a habit of sleeping late at an early age. "Smart kids often grow up going to bed late and waking up late on both weekends and weekdays," the researchers say.

9. Nine years

If your child has a healthy breakfast habit at this age, they are twice as likely to do above-average academic tests. According to a study conducted by Cardiff University with 5,000 students between the ages of 9 and 11, students who have breakfast with foods such as oats, honey, eggs and milk in the morning score higher in exams.

10. Age ten

If your child is inclined towards intelligence games such as chess at this age, his intelligence level may be higher than his peers. At the age of ten, your child can be tested by Mensa (Association for the Support of the Gifted) to determine their IQ level. Finally, according to Mensa, liking to talk and making up new rules for games can be indicators of intelligence.

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