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How to Do Backward Counting Exercises for Kids? Demonstration with Examples

Counting backwards for children can be done by counting numbers backwards and making the process fun. For example, different methods can be used, such as rhythmic counting backwards from 100 or counting backwards from 10. These activities are usually carried out through cartoons, songs, games or interactive materials. In addition, colored cards, blocks or other visual materials can be used to encourage children's participation. During the activity, it is important to choose materials that will attract children's attention and allow them to learn in a fun way.

The aim of such activities is to support children to develop their counting skills and teach math concepts in a fun way. It is important to interact with children during the activity to ensure their participation and make the learning process enjoyable.

- Before starting number teaching, the child should have acquired number conservation and learned meaningful rhythmic counting.

The following sequence for teaching numbers from 1 to 9 is followed;

1. Introduction of the issue
2. Comprehension of number (part-whole relations)
3. Uses of number (ordinal-cardinal use)

Development of number concept

- 1. Verbal counting
- 2. Regular counting (meaningful counting)
- 3. One-to-one mapping
- 4. Last number said = Cardinal Meaning
- 5. Conservation of number
- 6. Abstraction
- 7th rank-independence principle

Counting skills are the development of number-related concepts It forms the basis of development.
- Counting skills are the basis of the student's level of understanding of numbers. is an indicator.
- Rhythmic counting, forward-backward counting, counting on activities should be included.
- The question "How many?" should be asked.
- Questions aimed at comparing two groups should be asked internalize the concept of number.

Recognizing and writing numbers

- Teaching children single digit numbers, It is similar to teaching the letters of the alphabet.

- For this, the child needs to understand the concept of number.

Number concept from concrete to abstract must be taught correctly:

  • Concrete real objects
  • Pictures of semi-concrete objects
  • Semi-abstract notch-number line
  • Abstract figures

Teaching zero "0"

  • It is taught after 9.
  • It is associated with the concept of empty set.
  • The teacher should include examples to make the zero intuitive.

Demonstration with Examples

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