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Educational and Fun 4 Age Intelligence Games

1-Find the Difference Game: 

Just like “Find 7 differences”, which we are used to seeing on puzzle pages of newspapers or magazines, there are also difference puzzle games suitable for 4 year olds. You can have your child do their first exercises by starting with simpler visuals where the differences can be easily noticed by adults. With the differences between the two images, game cards that are very similar to each other but differ in color or accessories can also be preferred. Example: "Find this exact same turtle." (You must have remembered the playing cards where the other turtles look the same but with different shell color, with and without glasses, with or without a tail). Fun games for 4 year olds like this game and it; It is effective for the development of visual intelligence, analysis skills and attention.

Find the Difference Game

2-Bought from the Market Game: 

You can count your child's purchases from the market, respectively. While doing this, first say a product and then ask him to repeat it. Then increase by 2 items, 3 items, 4 items. This game is a developer as well as an educational game for 4 year olds. 

-I bought an apple from the market today. Let's repeat, Angel, what did I buy from the market today?


-Well done. I also bought other things. I bought apples and pears from the market today. What did I buy?

-Apple pear

-Well done Angel ☺ (Don't forget to congratulate a lot) But I bought other things too. I bought apples, pears and grapes from the market today. What did I buy?

The ever-increasing list will have to strain his memory after a while. Mental skills develop with strain (working hard), just like a muscle. Repeating the constantly updated list such as "apple, pear, grape, banana, melon" contributes to your child's memory development. The fact that he does not mix up the order shows that he is a careful child.

3-Number Blocks

With colored blocks with numbers on them, you can teach your child to count in fun ways. It is even possible to get rid of the cost of new toys by sticking numbers on the puzzle blocks you bought for 2-3 years old. If you have the opportunity, it would be more effective to buy a new set designed in large-small sizes according to the number on it. You can often see such toys in kindergartens. It is a good preschool game.

Number 1 is the smallest; The number 10 is written on the largest block. When he puts these blocks on top of each other according to their size, the number order will be correct. In this way, while learning the large-smallness, few-many relations expressed by numerical values, he also learns how to count effectively. This toy provides the opportunity to play effective and educational games for your child to associate different values. Therefore, it provides mathematical intelligence development. Colorful and numbered number blogs are a very useful choice in the category of 4-year-old toys.

Number Blocks

4-Remote Controlled Car

Remote controlled cars, which are the indispensable choice of boys, are important in the category of intelligence games for 4 years old. It is also very easy to attract girls with a pink car. Various areas such as the spaces where the remote control car can park or the edge of the carpet, the patterns on the carpet are waiting to be discovered by your child. You can assign various tasks to help your child in this regard. 

Example: You can ask him to drive his remote car under one stand and park it under the other stand. A remote control car that looks simple is very important in terms of reflex development, attention and imagination in 4-year-old children. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that parking a car improves learning skills in geometric calculations. It is also suitable for children over the age of 4, but children under the age of 3 may not be able to use this type of vehicle effectively.

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