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Recommendation List: Games That can be Played at Home as a Family and That you can Play with Pleasure

 Attention: All of the family-played physical and digital games in this list are 100% useful and fun games for children.


It is a very simple yet useful game. Moreover, it is very fun and takes place in both family games and educational games class. It is played with 2 people or more. One of the players chooses an object in the environment in which the game is played, for example, whether it will be played at home.

Example: TV remote.

Since the players in front of him do not know which object he has marked in his mind yet, they ask him:

-What's wrong?

-It has a red button.

-What else is there?

-It has black keys

What else do you have?

-It has a gray color

I found! TV remote.

Whoever acts fast and correctly guesses what the object is while the clues are coming, wins 1 point.

family game

Benefits of What's Up Game for Children:

Develops children's visual intelligence and attention ability. It supports their ability to evaluate clues.

Suitable for all children from 3 years old.

You can also play the following interactive games in order to support your child's visual intelligence and attention development. Let's see who will get more points?

Let's continue the list of family games with the game change vowels.


Family games such as Change the Vowels are fun games that can be played at home with lots of laughter. The rules for this fun game are also very simple:

A person chooses a vowel. For example, the letter "u". It starts with the player on the right and is asked to pronounce all vowels in a word as "u".

Example: He should say the word "Computer" as "finds". Each player says a word and the midwife repeats this word without using any other vowels other than the designated vowel. If it lights up, it determines a letter and the next person becomes the midwife. You can come together as a family and play happily with your children.

family games to play at home
Benefit of Change Vowels Game for Kids:

It provides rapid thinking and verbal intelligence development.

Suitable for children ages 8, 9, 10, 11+


Games that can be played at home are not limited to physical materials or our imagination. Considering children's interest in mobile games, we can turn this into an opportunity, as experts suggest. child development specialists; Instead of completely banning technology, he recommends using technology in a beneficial way with educational, instructive and entertaining intelligence games such as the one below. Of course, without forgetting the ideal daily screen time.

Let's continue the list of family games with scrabble, one of the most popular word games in the world. Along with Scrabble, various board games suitable for your child's age can also be preferred.

The aim of the Scrabble game is to form meaningful words while placing the letter stones on the game board according to various rules. You can start your 9-year-old brain games preferences with scrabble. There is a rule book that governs the game. Adults also love the game of Scrabble. It is frequently preferred among games that can be played as a family at home.

family game
Benefit of Scrabble Game for Children:

Scrabble game is an effective game in the development of children's vocabulary and teaching grammar rules.

Suitable for children ages 8, 9, 10, 11+.


This game is the standard “BOM!” Unlike the game, it has a 3-stage mission. Therefore, it can be preferred among the 10-year-old intelligence games. While counting in order from 1 to 5 in the standard BOM game, the player corresponding to the 5th number said "bom" instead of "five", and in multiples of 5 (10-15-20-25...), each player had to say BOM instead of the number. In the BomFiz intelligence game, it is not enough to just say BOM in multiples of 5. However, in multiples of 7, it is necessary to say "fiz" instead of a number. It is one of the old games (nostalgic games) played at home.

Bomphysis Example: 1-2-3-4-BOM-6-PHYS-8-9-BOM-11-12-13-PHYS-BOM-16…

Of course, the rules of the bomfiz game that force our minds are not limited to these. The third and most difficult rule is that you have to say "BomFiz" instead of "Bom" or "Fiz" in common multiples of 5 and 7. That's great! For example, the number 35 is a multiple of both 5 and 7.

family games
Benefits of the Family BomFiz Game for Children:

Bom-Fiz game is a useful game in terms of development of numerical intelligence, ability to process and attention development in children.

Suitable for children ages 9, 10, 11+


Family games like this one are one of the best ways to spend time at home. Our game requires vocabulary, but it is also possible to play with preschoolers. Anyone big or small can play. Moreover, it does not require any materials.

Here's how it's played: The midwife or rule maker in the game gives a set of sounds. For example, let's determine the sound "AY", which is formed by the combination of the letters A and Y. All players must find words that start with the "AY" sound within a given time. Mirror, brace, intellectual, bear, shoes…

Whoever finds the most words wins that set. It is a highly preferred game among the games that can be played as a family without the need for materials.

play games at home

Benefit of Word Finding Game for Children:

Word finder game is an easy game that develops children's vocabulary and quick thinking skills.


One of the nostalgic games that can be played at home is to hide the ring. Don't think it's getting boring. It might be a bit boring for us adults. Have you ever tried it as a family? Try; You will see why years have not made this game obsolete. It is also very simple to play. Keep a ring or similar small object somewhere in the house, but the midwife should not see where you hid it. Then you should direct the person who is the midwife inside the room. Just say "hot" when you get close to your hiding place and say "cold" as you get farther away.

Play games at home

Benefits of Hide the Ring Game for Children:

Let alone the easy-to-guess benefits of socializing and having fun; hide the ring game develops children's ability to evaluate clues and follow directions.

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