Coloring book pdf download How is the electrification test done? (Electrification by rubbing with a balloon)-Experiments for Children - Coloring Book

How is the electrification test done? (Electrification by rubbing with a balloon)-Experiments for Children

Welcome to trial-learning studies. You will learn interesting things about electrification in the experiment we are going to tell you now.

Necessary materials

  • Balloon
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Wool sweater

Electrification by rubbing with a balloon

There were three types of electrification. These; electrified by friction, touch, and impact. The experiment we will do will be an example of friction with a balloon.

1. Let's inflate the balloon nicely.

2. Rub the inflated balloon on the sleeve of the wool sweater.

3. Now cut the paper into small pieces with the help of scissors.

4. Lay the papers on a flat surface.

5. Bring the balloon close to the papers and observe what happens.


What else did you observe?

Homemade from the field of electricity and magnetism

When combing dry hair with a horn or ebonite comb, you can observe small sparks in the dark and hear a slight crackle.

No matter how weak and harmless these sparks and crackles may be, their origins are like menacing lightning and fierce thunder. The origin of lightning in nature is the result of some kind of electricity accumulating in a cloud. It is formed under the influence of air currents, sunlight, moisture formation, splashing drops and other causes.

Different kinds of electricity accumulate in earthly objects. As a result of the mutual attraction between the cloud, terrestrial objects or separate parts of the cloud, an electric discharge occurs - we see lightning.

And thunder is the shaking of air due to the rapid heating and subsequent cooling of its particles during a lightning discharge.

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