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Understanding the Little Prince

 Little Prince all around us; bags, wallets, notebooks, phone cases and of course the newly published book… The story written and illustrated by the French writer Antone de Saint-Exupery in a hotel room has been in our lives since 1943. What makes this story memorable for 72 years? What is the 'Little Prince', whose adaptation we watched on the big screen this summer, trying to tell humanity?


The picture of a boa constrictor digesting an elephant that the pilot drew and swallowed as a child is mistaken for a hat by adults. What we see is not always enough. We see the small squares of life and evaluate only those moments. From time to time, we move away from seeing those moments and frames as they are. However, as it seems, it is not enough; There is always a before and after. And the state of 'being'... Let's remember the value of what our child hearts see. Back then, we saw the story and the states of being better. Now our children see it with their little hearts and curious eyes. Let's intend to be a child again with them.


“Grown-ups can never understand anything on their own; It's really tiring for kids to keep explaining everything to them…” says The Little Prince. As we get older, we enlarge the space of our minds and shrink the space of our souls. We think acting with the mind is 'growing up'. As we move away from the beauty of the essence, we forget the taste of life. Let's remember; We are not beings with souls, we are perfection with bodies. We can do this at any age


The Little Prince carefully and disciplinedly cleans every day to clear the baobab trees that are about to engulf his planet. Adults always want places to be clean and tidy. The effort to keep their physical bodies as clean as the places can be added to this. So, is it possible to cleanse souls, emotions and thoughts in the same way? Why not? The body is also the place of the soul, and while cleaning the body, it is quite possible to touch the soul and listen to its needs. If we don't know the ways to do this, let's try to remove the negative word from the tongue, the negative thought from the mind, and the negative emotion from the heart. Let us remind ourselves every day that 'everything has a solution'.


When the pilot could not draw a sheep as the Little Prince wanted, he drew a box and said that the sheep he wanted was inside the box. The Little Prince's eyes shine and he says, "Yes, that's exactly what I wanted." Our dreams were more vivid before the ego and mind took over, surrendered to it. We wouldn't look at them to see if they would happen or not. However, the meaning of life gains value as dreams remain alive. Thinking, feeling, drawings, future etc. How easy it was to die as a child. It was nice to distribute colors to life. One day we would be astronauts and fly in space, another day we would swim in the deep seas. One day we would be the sun, the next day we would be a bird. Sometimes we would see the picture we drew moving, and sometimes we would see different sides of people. When we were children, we saw the unseen and added vitality to whatever we had. What about now?


A beautiful rose blooms on the little prince's planet. Despite his love for the little prince, after a while, he gets angry with him and runs away from him. Our essence, the beautiful rose of our planet… We may not be able to adequately respond to its tenderness, and we may not be able to understand it. We can see his needs as 'whims'. We may not accept their choices. It gains its meaning when it runs away from it. Wherever we go, the longing becomes heavy inside us. Things that seem meaningless because we can't speak the same language with him are revealed as his longing gets heavier. Whenever we return to the planet, the first thing we look for is the rose. However, with his actions, he said "go be yourself and come back". Let's do something nice to communicate with the self today. Let's smile, say "I AM", taking big breaths


The Little Prince leaves his planet one morning and embarks on a brand new journey. In our journey to the power of our existence, we come across quite rich content. Questions and signs arise about how to proceed. Among those we encounter, there are reminders as well as those that mirror us. Let's consider the beginning, the path, the process, the content and the result as a whole. Wealth is for us to reach the result easily. Sometimes we are surprised, sometimes angry, sometimes we want to follow. Let's remember that no one is a guide to himself as much as one's own. Experiences are personal. We can shorten the path by interpreting what we see outside inside.


The Little Prince meets the businessman who has been calculating for years without looking up to own all the stars in the universe. The feeling of 'having' reduces our life energy. It works on 'having, protecting and increasing' all the energy. Not only does it consume life, it takes time away from us. Life is an interval with a beginning and an end. While we have a heart that opens to all universes, is it worth it to consume life only with the ambition of owning matter? Think about it, how would you live the value of the moments?

Getting lost in the rules

The Little Prince's path crosses with the lamp burner, which constantly turns off and lights the lamp, saying, "This is the instruction", although this time it is no longer necessary. Societies and institutions stand by rules. However, we also know that everything is constantly changing. Time and change say, “Revisit the rules.” Strict adherence to rules is the biggest resistance to change. We cannot deepen ourselves by staying still. Life needs flexibility. Flexibility, in people, in rules, conditions; It wants to find life by spreading to all humanity. Let's open the door of flexibility for the soul to mix with life. Especially, I want everyone to taste the joyful process of getting rid of other people's rules and being yourself.

The fox said to the Little Prince, "If you tame me, we will need each other. You will be the one and only in the world for me. And I will be the one and only for you.” We form bonds with everything that exists. The thing or person with whom we have bonded is no longer anything. It is different from others. Chosen and chosen. Its meaning has been multiplied by a series of labor and love. We approach the 'essence' of the people we connect with from the heart. We open our own selves to them. Love opens every door. Love is free of places, conditions and options. Ties are built with love and open the eyes of the heart. It reveals the truth.


The Little Prince asks the railroad switcher why people are in such a hurry and why they commute. The railroad switchman says that people don't know what they're looking for, that no one likes where it is. “Only children know what they are looking for,” says the Little Prince. Adults are involved in planned, programmed, timed and fictional actions. Children act randomly. Children watch while adults have a lot to think about and interpret. They just watch what's around. So they understand what they are looking for and what they are not looking for. Because while watching, they see with the eyes of their real hearts. They know their needs and find it by following their direction. When we do not know what we are looking for and cannot find what we want, we can return to the age of five and think like that, and bring bright solutions to the present.

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