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What Can I Do When My Child Is Crying?

 Crying Behavior and Solutions in Children

Among the articles we have published so far, perhaps one of the most curious ones is what can I do when my child is crying? is the subject. As for how we know this, I can say that we understand it from the questions we receive from social media.

What is Crying?

Crying is a message, an opportunity to rebuild the bond. It is the result of all the emotions that the child cannot manage. We will teach you to control and repair these wandering emotions. We are parents and we will find the solution for whatever needs to be taught for the child.

Children Who Cry Do What They Want

I felt the need to explain this part independently of the visuals, since there were additional questions. There are always children who get what they want by crying in social life. Sometimes you see children crying in the market, sometimes in shopping malls and sometimes in food courts. But there is always.

From the moment children are born, they make many wishes come true by crying. For example, babies communicate by crying. When we look at it, we feel like there can be anything more natural than this. When our child cries, we see it as an alarm and go to him and try to understand if I am sick, hungry or have something else. We rush ourselves to find a solution immediately.

Naturally, the child learns that crying is very important for my survival. If I cry, I can express my pain, I can ask for my food….

Then we can say that the feeling of crying equals discomfort, but as a result of this discomfort, the result was to be rewarded with a reward. For example, if the baby is hungry, he is full, if he is uncomfortable, solutions are found. How any behavior continues is related to the consequences of the behavior. In other words, if you receive a reward as a result of a behavior, that behavior is now a good behavior.

Let's say we are out of infancy and our child is now 2 years old. Now that our child can speak, he must express himself without crying, but his habits prevent this. Because it's something he learned in the past. There are parents who panic about what's wrong with this kind of crying. Every time his child cries, we are faced with a mother or father who continues as he treats a 2-month-old baby. And this behavior continues. Why would you want something by talking, kid? Talking is boring anyway. The child keeps crying and getting what they want, do you know how long? Until you're seriously
 uncomfortable with it now.

As a Mother or Father, What Can I Do When My Child Cries?

In life, reward and punishment go hand in hand. Rewarded behavior continues, punished behavior is extinguished. Of course, when you say punishment, do not think of beating. Anything that quenches the behavior can be punishment. It is not right to even make eye contact when our child cries. Because the moment you make eye contact is the moment you're done. He understands that you are looking at him with worried eyes and that you are helpless. He notices that your insides are sore. Therefore, he will cry in a more pronounced and louder voice.

Well, our child's crying behavior continued and you remained insensitive to the event, did not make eye contact or left the environment. Although it was difficult, our child stopped crying and calmed down. To our child, I love you very much, but I do not like the behavior of crying and asking for things. As long as you continue this, our mutual communication will be difficult. If you don't do these things, I want you to know that I will always listen to you.

If we apply this as parents, you will see that this behavior will go away. But these things are all or nothing. If you follow what we have said for a while and then go back to your old self, you will destroy all your gains. None of us want things to go back to the beginning.

These sentences will show your finishing work.

  • I'm here, by your side.
  • I am waiting for you.
  • I know this is pushing you hard.
  • I'm with you.
  • I'm waiting for you to calm down.
  • We can cope together.
  • I'm waiting to hug you.
  • I'm not walking away from you.
  • Sorry, I see.
  • We can talk about this once we've calmed down.

The word punishment that I mentioned above should never be perceived as psychological or physical violence. We will also touch on the subject of punishment in the images we will publish below. But as completely different concepts.

Crying Child

In this article, we will publish a problem in which our valuable teacher Kübra Ergün touched on the subject of what can I do when my child is crying. For this article;

When was the last time you cried?

Who do you need most when you cry?

How do you want that person to treat you when they cry?

What is crying?

How should I act when my child is crying?

The answers to all these questions include what we should do when a child cries. Let's take a look at our article.

Let's never forget that our children find healing with our attention, love and compassion. Let's heal our children together.

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