Coloring book pdf download Colorful Color by Number Worksheet Set Pdf - Coloring Book

Colorful Color by Number Worksheet Set Pdf

 We have prepared colorful number coloring pages for preschool children for you. You will love these activities, which are extremely beneficial for children's hand and finger motor development. Plus it's free. Just click on the link to download quality full page number coloring pages.

Colorful Color by Number Worksheet Set Pdf Download

Kids color by number page
Color by Number Worksheet

Important Info for the Enthusiast

Hand and finger motor development in children is a complex and ongoing process that begins shortly after birth and continues into early adulthood. During this time, children learn to use their hands and fingers to explore and manipulate their environment, interact with others, and perform a variety of functional tasks.

A general timeline of hand-finger motor development in children:

0 to 4 months: Infants start to explore their environment by reaching and grasping with their hands. They can typically grasp objects such as toys and rattles, but their grip strength is still weak.

4 to 8 months: Infants start to develop more refined grasping skills, using their fingers to pick up small objects such as cereal puffs or cheerios. They also start to transfer objects from one hand to the other.

8 to 12 months: Infants develop the ability to grasp objects with their thumb and fingers, which is called the pincer grasp. They can also use their hands to bang objects together and use both hands to explore and manipulate toys.

1 to 2 years: Toddlers continue to refine their grasping skills and can now use their hands and fingers to turn pages in a book, stack blocks, and manipulate small objects with precision.

2 to 3 years: Children begin to develop more complex hand-finger motor skills, such as cutting with scissors, drawing simple shapes, and using utensils to eat.

3 to 4 years: Children can draw more complex shapes and start to use their fingers to manipulate small objects with greater precision. They can also use tools such as hammers and screwdrivers under supervision.

4 to 5 years: Children's hand-finger motor skills become even more refined, and they can use their fingers to tie knots, use zippers and buttons, and manipulate small objects with greater precision.

It is important to note that every child develops at their own pace, and some children may reach certain milestones earlier or later than others. However, if you have concerns about your child's hand-finger motor development, it is always a good idea to discuss them with your pediatrician or a developmental specialist.

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